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POWER OF WORDS | music video


Production Company (animation), Curious Pictures

Director, Rohitash Rao

Director of Photography. David Griffiths

Producer, Pamela Mahan

Voice ove, Nazanin Boniadi 

Music, Elias Arts


Production Company (Morgan Freeman introduction), Pictures in a Row

Director, Peter Lang

Producer: Andrew Halpern

AIUSA Producers, Helen Garrett, Jennifer Gmerek, Herman Hossfeld 



Webby Award


Power of Words

Creative Campaign. Amnesty International USA.


Amnesty International was invited by YouTube Video Volunteers to produce a video they would host on their website. Helen Garrett recruited Curious Pictures to produce an animated PSA, and Pictures in a Row to film Morgan Freeman. The result received a Webby Award and speaks to Amnesty International supporters around the world who have used the power of words to demand freedom and justice for countless human rights defenders around the world. Their words demonstrate that when you stand up for human rights, you never stand alone.

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