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MARRIED IN AMERICA 2 | feature documentary


Director, Michael Apted

Producers: Steven Lawrence and Dale Riehl

Editors: Susanne Rostock, Bob Jorissen and Brian Johnson

DPs: Peter Gilbert and Shana Hagan



Cine Golden Eagle, Feature Documentary,     2008


Married In America 2

Feature Documentary. A&E and Hallmark Channel.


"Married In America"is Michael Apted's ongoing documentary about 9 diverse American couples who tied the knot in 2001. Apted and producers Steven Lawrence and Dale Riehl devised MIA to explore how marriage and relationships are changing in the early decades of the 21st century.


The first film, released in 2002, followed the couples in the days leading up to their weddings and was produced for A&E and New Line Television. It received widespread critical acclaim and was chosen by People magazine as one of the Top 10 Programs of the year. MIA 2 documented how the couples were coping with the twists and turns of married life five years later, and was once again highly praised when released in 2007 on Hallmark Channel. The MIA team is currently putting together financing to shoot the third film in 2015.


This segment from MIA 2 is about Betty & Reggie, a bi-racial couple from Queens who met when they were children.


MIA 2 is available on iTunes: and on DVD:

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