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Yerosha Productions

is a media production and consulting company run by award-winning documentary filmmaker and media strategist Steven Lawrence. Through Yerosha, Steven offers clients a wealth of experience in developing and producing long and short form video projects, including documentaries, PSAs and advocacy videos that effectively tell their stories and engage audiences across multiple platforms.


With many years of success taking film and media projects from concept to completion, Steven also provides expertise in fundraising, from grant proposals and crowd funding campaigns, to co-production financing through broadcasters and digital platforms. He also frequently advises on distribution strategies.


Yerosha associate Helen Garrett, one of the most successful producers of creative campaigns for non-profit groups, offers clients deep expertise in marketing, branding, celebrity engagement and strategic partnerships in the NGO field. Together, Steven and Helen also have a strong track record producing benefit music projects.   


Yerosha is especially dedicated to projects that support human rights, explore humanity's creativity and resilience, and build connections between cultures. Whether consulting or producing, we pride ourselves on heartfelt and inventive work.  And we bring to each job an extraordinary network of US-based and international artists, creative partners, technical experts and NGOs with whom we've collaborated over the years. Our work has been commissioned and featured by major broadcasters, digital platforms, and leading non-profit groups. See our clients for details and the projects section for work samples.


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