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Curt Goering

Executive Director at Center for Victims of Torture and former Deputy Executive Director at Amnesty International USA


Helen was responsible for conceiving and bringing to fruition many of the highest profile and most successful creative projects that have captured the public imagination and drawn massive attention to Amnesty and the human rights cause. Helen not only brings a highly creative mind to her work, but an unusual capacity to translate creative ideas into operational reality, and a tenacity to see projects through. Incredibly, she maintained her creativity and dedication, her drive and energy, without wavering, for over 25 years, and consistently achieved truly amazing results.


Steve McCurry

Renowned Photographer


Helen is a consummate professional and a joy to work with. I've had a wonderful, collaborative relationship with her for 10+ years on image-based projects for Amnesty International. I look forward to working with her on new projects in the years ahead.


Franklin Tipton

Partner at Odysseus Arms


I was lucky enough to work with Helen on a project designed to influence United Nations policy on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) issue, a project that carried world-altering implications. Legendary in the agency scene for her impeccable taste and a long, storied heritage of producing stunning work for Amnesty International for the past 25 years, our agency was delighted when Helen called on us. She inspired Odysseus to produce highly effective work in a short amount of time and prevailed commandingly over a tricky integrated campaign deployment. Helen is easily one of the most passionate, intelligent and enjoyable people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.



for Steven 


Michael Apted

Film Director & Three-Time President of the DGA


I’ve worked with Steve for many years. In 1989, he produced and I directed THE LONG WAY HOME about the Russian rock n roller Boris Grebenshikov, and his band Aquarium, following their odyssey into the West to record an album. It dramatized the early difficulties of glasnost. We went on to help create the Russian version of my 7UP documentary series, and then embarked as producer and director on a longitudinal study of 9 American marriages – MARRIED IN AMERICA. We’ve been in production for a decade and have made two installments. I’ve always enjoyed working with Steve, as he’s not only extremely creative and resourceful, but his knowledge of the nuts and bolts of documentary production is unsurpassed.


Susanne Rostock

Director of "Sing Your Song”


It has been my pleasure to edit six documentaries Steven Lawrence either produced or directed. Every one of these films has shone because of his extraordinary commitment to the subject, his resourcefulness, creativity and gracious spirit of collaboration. Steve is someone I look forward to working with again and again. He is not only a great documentary filmmaker and storyteller, but also someone who is prolific and brilliant at developing timely, socially conscious projects that are needed.


Peter A Levine

PhD, Trauma Therapist and Author of "Waking The Tiger: Healing Trauma”


Steven is one of the most patient, professional, and gifted artists that I have had the opportunity to meet and work with. As a filmmaker he truly understands how to get to the heart of the story he's telling, and he comes up with wonderfully inventive solutions to problems. Compassionate, creative, efficient and highly collaborative, Steven is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him for any film or media project.

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