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The CLICKBOOM CAMPAIGN | creative campaign


Executive Producer for Amnesty International, Helen Garrett 

Advertising Agency, Odysseus Arms 

Executive Creative Directors, Libby Brockhoff and

Franklin Tipton  

Integrated Production Director, Mark Sitley

Illustrations by: DXTR, Sr.X, Justin Davis

Production Company, Red Car

Animator/Direction, Chris Bialkowski

Music, Amber

The CLICKBOOM Campaign for a Strong Arms Trade Treaty

Advocacy Video & Creative Campaign. Amnesty International USA.


The CLICKBOOM campaign was designed to raise immediate awareness about the global arms trade issue and secure a million petition signatures to present to the UN where a landmark treaty was being debated. Included electronic billboards in Times Square, web videos, social media tools, collateral, merchandise featuring artwork by young cutting-edge illustrators. Dozens of major media like BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera. Reuters, AFP and the Christian Science Monitor covered the campaign. The result contributed to ratification of the first global arms trade treaty in history.

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