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IMAGINE | music video


Executive Producer for Amnesty International, Helen Garrett 

Advertising Agency, Citizen

Creative Director, Robin Raj

Director, Paul Dektor

Production Company: Dektor Films, now Joinery (

Music produced by Hans Zimmer and Stewart Levine



Creative Campaign. Amnesty International USA.


Based on John Lennon’s iconic song, the Imagine campaign was produced to inspire people to embrace human rights as the path to peace and security in the post 9/11 world.  The campaign, which consisted of music videos, PSAs, outdoor print, web, events, educational materials and merchandise, received millions of dollars in donated media, was featured in more than 50 countries worldwide and became a core component of human rights education materials in the U.S., Ireland, Israel and other countries. 


The campaign was the idea of actor Gabriel Byrne, and once he secured the blessing of Yoko Ono, Helen hit the ground running serving as Executive Producer and Creative Director for Amnesty International. She enlisted Robin Raj and Citizen Group, created a partnership with Magnum Photos for the print and online components, and also handled all placement of media and PSAs. Three music videos were produced for this project by Paul Dektor. The first was "Imagine" featuring children around the world singing to a track produced by Hans Zimmer.  Two other music videos of the song were produced with Jack Johnson and Willie Nelson. The Imagine campaign inspired the best-selling album, “Instant Karma: the Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur.”

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