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Writer/Producer, Steven Lawrence

Editor, Peter Shelton

Narrator, Peter Coyote

Excerpts from “Incident At Oglala” directed by Michael Apted

Prison guard interview & prison b-roll courtesy of Preston Randolph/Cactus Productions

Peltier Prison Poem, “I Am Everybody” courtesy of Claus Biegert

Music courtesy of BANG and Naturalistic Music & Sound

Executive Producers for AIUSA, Helen Garrett, Jasmine Heiss & Amanda Simon

The Case for Leonary Peltier

Advocacy Video, Amnesty International USA.


Native American activist Leonard Peltier has been in prison for over 40 years, serving consecutive life sentences for the 1975 murder of two FBI agents on the Pine Ridge Reservation. There is no credible evidence Leonard committed these crimes, but the FBI ensured his conviction by intimidating witnesses into make false statements and withholding evidence that would have helped the defense.


With Leonard 72 years old and in failing health, advocates for his release, including Amnesty International, launched a campaign for executive clemency from President Obama - Leonard’s best chance for freedom, and probably his last.


To help spearhead its campaign, Amnesty asked Steven Lawrence to produce a short video that would make the case for Leonard’s release, and motivate viewers to sign their petition to Obama.


The video was made possible by the generosity of several filmmakers, journalists and photographers who over many years have documented Leonard’s imprisonment and his struggle for justice.


Working with archival material they donated, Steven scripted the piece and brought in longtime collaborator Peter Shelton to do the edit. Peter Coyote, who has known Peltier for over 40 years and fought for his release, provided the moving narration.


Please sign Amnesty’s petition and tell President Obama it’s time to release Leonard Peltier.


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